About –  Contains a menu with information to help traverse through the blog.

Summer project –  All of the work that I did over summer which helped inform my GDDs work can be found here.d

Research and Notes –  Any research that informed the development process and my final game idea is collated here.

Games Design Document –  My final idea is located here. The narrative, character designs, art bible, and essential experience can be found here.


As all of my research is digital and collated on this site, the only sketchbook I have is in regards to life drawing. This sketchbook allowed me to practice drawing the human form which helped when designing and drawing what the characters could look like.


At the start of the semester, we were given several short stories to read in a few weeks. The story I ended up staying with was ‘The Outsider’ which is a short story exploring themes of psychological horror, confusion, and self-acceptance. Using The Outsider’s themes as a starting point, I combined them with my own personal interests which led to research into psychology and mental illnesses. In later stages of development, I looked into narrative-driven games to see how they effectively produced gameplay around an interesting story.

From here the idea developed further eventually leading to my final idea. Although previous ideas arose (see initial ideas), I chose to go with a game that was narrative-driven, later developing it towards the style of a choose-your-own-adventure book.


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